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My newest post is up at Bitch Media:

But many people rely on that anonymity for many reasons. Apparently, we as gamers are still catching a lot of flack for engaging in our favorite hobby. Even though the ESA [pdf.] says that the average gamer is 34 years old (26% are 50 and older), that 67% of house-holds in the US own a gaming console or computer for running “entertainment systems”, and that 64% of parents believe that games are a positive part of their children’s lives, gamers are still viewed by many as deviants. Being a Halo player can even be used as a political smear. We are unproductive. We are prone to violence. We lack ambition. Something … I forget, I think we also lack concentration, but that might be my fifth Code Red Mountain Dew today, also. *Shrugs* Why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy our favorite way to unwind without worrying about how our co-workers would feel about us running around Azeroth twenty hours a week as opposed to plunging ourselves in a good book or taking a cooking class?

Read the whole thing here!


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