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What Are You Up To?

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I’ve been a tad pre-occupied with, um, things. Like my series, The Games We Play, over at Bitch Magazine that’s going on right now. The most recent post,With All Due Respect is up now. Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been reading recently, or playing, or doing?

I’m also waiting for my copy of Dragon Age 2 to show up in my APO mailbox so I can get going with the excitement. It all works out because I switched consoles recently (and am sort of lamenting not choosing to play it on a PC, but it is so PRETTY on my PS3, so, wev), and am still trying to get an importable run-through ready from DA:O. We’ve also acquired Heavenly Sword, and I am a bit sucked into the story, if not impressed with Narito’s lack of pants.

I am giving up on 1984 for now, in favor of finishing the Jacky Faber series and continuing on with the Ender’s Game series (and am going to have to bust to stay ahead of The Kid, who is finishing up the first book!). I am just a little too depressed for Wells at the moment, and will put it up to finish at a later date. It’s a good book, but I have to read it in the sunshine, I think.

The break in weather is allowing for more walking time after school, but I am squeezing in some time in the water as well.

So, hit me up in comments? What are you up to?


Comments on: "What Are You Up To?" (4)

  1. (Odd I’ve been trying to get to your blog the last few days but was getting a page could not be found error.)

    Just finished Percy Jackson book 3 and I’m working on Pokemon Black/White.

  2. Procrastinating homework, reading harlan ellison. So the usual. Also I’m waiting for portal 2 with baited breath.

  3. I am… oh OYD, I’ve had about 750 pages to read for uni this week. I am also trying to sort through about 70 applications for an internship we’re running at Feministe. I am teaching this afternoon, and then I am going to… sort through apps, I guess.

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