exactly that

I’ve never had a migraine I couldn’t sleep through… but this one is determined to make a liar of me.

I am reading. On a bright screen because migraines seem to make me not think clearly either. Wev. I am catching up on all of the internet that goes on when I am productively writing, and forming things over in my brain, which I am pretty sure is staging a coup against my skull.

Please stay with me, the profound part is coming up:

I don’t want the world and everyone in it to stop conceptualizing race, gender, sex, ability, creed, etc. I don’t want them to “only see people” and not pay attention to those things about people, because the descriptors that apply to me in that list (and the ones that I’ve forgotten) are part of me. They are part of who I am, who I have become, and what has shaped the person I am, for better or for worse. If we stopped seeing those things we would be bland, boring people and I am willing to bet all of the parts of humanity that bring us the creative wonders that make us truly awesome, the Original Meaning, not the new one that means socks and hot dogs, would cease to exist.

What I want to happen is for other people to stop thinking of those of us who live at intersections of those descriptors as less-than because of those things. I want people to stop ignoring our voices because we can be described by those words. I want people to stop dismissing our needs as “special” because we can be divided into categories under those words.

These things are part of who we are, and the key to equality and getting along isn’t ignoring them. It isn’t even in spite of them. It is loving and accepting because of them. Because these things are uniquely human and are what make us whole.

I don’t want someone to not consider a part of who I am when they think of me. That isn’t thinking of me, but rather, thinking only of the part of me that is more convenient for you.


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