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Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by the 8.9 earthquake that hit Tokyo, and the subsequent tsunamis that hit northern Japan. We’ve been watching the coverage of all the areas under warning and watch, including but not limited to Japan, Australia, Guam, Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Central America, West Coast U.S., British Columbia, and of course, Hawai’i. As I understand it, the warnings and watches have been lifted from several of these places, with either little or no damage being left behind.

In the years we have been moving about with the military, we’ve amassed quite the family of people around the world, and oddly enough, many of them are strewn throughout these areas. I hope that you all are safe. Please stay safe.

Here are some resources for information:

The National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Service

Google Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake (in English and Japanese, and my browser is showing Traditional and Short-form Chinese as well.)

Japan Earthquake Live Blog (CNN)

Please feel free to add resources to comments.

ETA: The WAGGGS sends along this message of how to help the Girls Scouts of Japan help their sister scouts.


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