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Monday Random Ten

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Have you ever been in a rain storm, and thought “Hey! No problem! I will just use my beautiful new rainbow-colored umbrella!” only to have the storm laugh at you and go “Oh yeah? Well EFF YOUR UMBRELLA!”

That is pretty much the sitch here in Seoul today. I can’t even see the high rises across town, which is unusual. The typhoon we had a few weeks back didn’t seem this bad, although we slept through most of it and it did knock down our drop ceiling in our bathroom.

But now it is a thing of beauty to watch. The streaks of silver blue dividing the sky, the rivulets of water beading down the panes of our sliders to the patio, the pools of water making their way to the drain at the far end, the sheets of water pouring off of the roof of the balcony itself. And of course, the sweet face of Princess Kitty Boo Boo Fuck sleeping by my side, curled up like a tiny ball of cuteness waiting for me to break it to her (and Anna) that that is not her real name.

A perfect day for an MRT if ever there was one.

  1. Since U Been Gone — Kelly Clarkson
  2. High Fidelity — Daft Punk
  3. Break My Fall — Breaking Benjamin
  4. Daydreaming — Miranda Cosgrove
  5. Dearest — Buddy Holly
  6. She Said — Cold
  7. This Time — The Wonder Girls
  8. She Will Be Loved — Maroon 5
  9. Breathing — Lifehouse
  10. Wait — Get Set Go

That’s all I’ve got for now.

The site is going to be going under construction soon(ish). Hopefully it won’t take too long. In the mean time, I recommend that some of you check out what I’ve got going over at FWD/Forward with the crew there, and also at Change.org’s Women’s Rights blog.

Have a great week!


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