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Monday Random Ten

CHUCK NORRISBetty White, a older pale woman in a tan wool blazer holding a firing dual pistol in her hand. The caption reads "CHUCK NORRIS [next line] is afraid".

Perhaps she could rough up my migraine a big when she is finished setting Norris straight on a few things?

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Good Monday from the Land of the Migraine of Doom!

If ever there was a need for an MRT I see it NAO! The monsoons are upon us, showering us in a dismally dreary deadpan of rainy days.

In short: Rain, rain, go away, we’d like to go for a swim today!

Moving on.

  1. Roam — B-52’s
  2. Strut — Adam Lambert
  3. Shakespeare — Miranda Cosgrove
  4. Good Stuff — Shakira
  5. Sick of Man — Cold
  6. Baby, What A Big Surprise — Chicago
  7. Phoenix — Daft Punk
  8. Pirate Jet — Gorillaz
  9. A Cold Wind Blows Through Your Door — Bill Ricchini
  10. Fireworks — The Tragically Hip

I hope you all have a great week, and maybe we will see some sun!


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