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Monday Random Ten

Orlando Bloom dressed as Will Turner in one of the "Piratees of the Caribbean" movies holds a sword that is obscured enough to be mistaken for a wand towards Johnny Depp, who is dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, at the helm of a ship, and has a rather suprised look on his face. The text reads "Expelliarmus!"
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I am excited to say that after a brief reminder that the Monsoon Season has not forgotten us we are enjoying some suffocatingly humid heat. OK, I can’t say I am too excited about it, but wow…does the changing weather remind me of home sweet home. It did, however, give us lots of time to bake lots of goodies: fresh bread, naan, and prep up many many meals for the week. I love letting the creative energy flow.

I am about three books into The Sword of Truth Series, so please stand by to stand by. It has taken me that many books to find what I was looking for, specifically. If I am not updating this blog enough for your liking, please consider checking out my writing at FWD/Forward or at Change.org’s Women’s Rights blog. You can also join me on Tumblr or Twitter, if you are so inclined.

On with The Show!

  1. The Story — Brandi Carlile
  2. human after all — Daft Punk
  3. Crawling in the Dark — Hoobastank
  4. Womanizer — Brittany Spears
  5. She Wolf (Live) — Shakira
  6. Deuces Are Wild — Aerosmith
  7. Soaked — Adam Lambert
  8. Potions for Foxes — Rilo Kiley
  9. Medellia of the Gray Skies — Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Golden Years — David Bowie

Comments on: "Monday Random Ten" (2)

  1. It’s been humid here too.

    Happy blogoversary :)

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