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A small child-Buddha sits in a lotus blossom atop a baby elephant inside another lotus blossom, which is all a lantern lit and pulled by shadowy figure along a lit street in South Korea. The base says "Buddha's Birthday" in English and Han-gul (Korean)Just thought I would mention it. It’s a National Holiday here in the Land of the Morning Calm. We actually went to the Lotus Lantern Festival that celebrates Buddha’s birthday the other night. I took a few pictures. We might make it back to the temple for some activities again this weekend, here’s hoping!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Young Buddha riding atop a baby elephant.

These women dancing with moon-like lanterns in flowing dresses paused for a picture. The whole thing was rather picture friendly.

Women in yellow, orange and white dresses dance in the night street with moon-shaped lanterns for the Buddha's Birthday parade. They smiled for my camera!

This drummer thanked me for taking his picture!

A Korean drummer, dressed in a uniform with a fluffy red and yellow had, a blue shirt with white long sleeves and a yellow sash, and white pants and shoes, with a traditional drum, stops for my camera after running through the streets.

My favorite picture, despite the blur, was of this Monk, who just make me giggle. Monks have that effect on me. They fill me with so much happiness.

This blurry picture is my favorite. The monks are so cheerful and friendly. Every time I meet one I smile and giggle, I swear. A Monk in loose orange and white garments carrying lanterns smiles and waves.

All photos are copyright Brandann R. Hill-Mann/Ouyang Dan. Use with attribution and permission only.


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