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Your MRT will appear on THIS VERY BLOG VERY SOON!

I am coming to you live from a very SEEKRIT LOCASHUN!

If by “secret” you mean “a place I go all the time for lunches with ladies” and by “live” you mean, in a Lyrica Haze, then yes.

I am lining some things up for here, and FWD, and hopefully some other cool places as well (OOOH EXCITEMENT!), but all of that will have to wait because a really awesome and fabulous new friend who has really helped me feel at home here in Korea is celebrating her BURFDAY today (I don’t know how fabulous, because I don’t know that she reads my ACHIEVEMENTS ON THE INTERNET! FRIENDS! READ MY STUFF! I NEED THE WARM FUZZIE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!), and therefore thoughtful and meaningful blogging will be on hold for a short bit as we stuff our faces with some awesome Mexican food. Yes, Mexican food in Korea. DO NOT ASK ME TO EXPLAIN THAT.

So, Happy Birthday, friend who may or may not read my blog but whose awesomeness is not contingent upon blog readingness. There is time to draw you to the cookies that is the dark side.

I wish you all a happy day, and don’t forget to come back later after I have re-plugged in the OVERLORD for your weekly MRT!



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