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The other day on my Tumblr a follower/followee tumbled this great idea for these amazing RAINBOW PANCAKES! by Amanda at i am mommy. Naturally I was taken at first glimpse, and she had me at “Seriously… if you want to start out your day with the most gloriously happy children, just try these yummy rainbow pancakes.” Well, I have a The Kid and a The Guy, and I figured that was close enough. I knew I wanted to try them. I made a mental note to try them as soon as all of this birthday hoopla was over*.

When I saw that she had taken a lot of flack, and by flack I mean nasty nasty shaming for just wanting to make her family happy, I was so incredibly sad enraged. Like, really, really enraged in that visceral way that one mother will get really defensive of another because we have been there and have been overcharged for the t-shirt. Because there is this culture out there that tells the whole wide multiverse that when they see us do something that they think is R-O-N-G for our children that they can just drive by and tell us. Everything from how we push the kids out of our own vagina and what we wipe their bottoms with to what we diaper them with or put in their mouths (You aren’t going to put that boob in their mouth are you? Oh NOEZ! This FORMULA HAS RHA! WHAT ABOUT HER BRAIN!?!) or how and when we potty train or whathaveyou. It never stops. Ever. And as children get older there is more and more to drive by parent about.

A favorite is food. And we are either putting too much or not enough or the wrong kind into their mouths, and if it isn’t organic (funny, huh, b/c if it grows it is by definition organic, but as The Kid says “potato, tomato”) and locally grown and kosher and or whatever then it is R-O-N-G.

So what Amanda did was make something, at home, with her own hands and heart (yup, I can be corny too, girl) and serve it up to her kids to be fun, and the loved it. LOVED IT! How many times does a mom have time to serve up something that her kids LOVE and that they GOBBLE UP, on average (I realize that this is a privilege to many, and I know that I rarely have time and energy to go to this kind of effort, and I have privilege coming out my ears). And yet, her privilege of time and effort here isn’t good enough.

Well, in a moment of solidarity I moved up my Rainbow Pancake breakfast, because we had time and I had a good night’s sleep last night, and we had the same results that Amanda did, in that it was a Huge Success, not only in that it was really tasty and all that, but that we all had fun in the process (I believe you can click to embiggen):

Six white bowls with four-leaf clover pattern, each containing one colour; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet on a white counter top.

The batter is slightly smoother than normal, because you have to mix it first, then divide it, and then add the colour, then mix it again.

Bright green pancake batter in a white bowl being scooped by pale hands holding a blue measuring cup.

Hands pour violet pancake batter onto a griddle where an orange and a blue pancake are already cooking.

I made them smaller than my normal pancakes since I knew the stacks would be bigger.

Five pancakes, one of each color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cook on a stove-top griddle.

It is like Skittles cooking on my stove. I am fully aware I may be like Sparkles the Glitter Shitting Unicorn for a few days (tried and true law based on past experiences with birthday cakes and other baking experiments with food dye), but it was totes worth it.

A stack of six pancakes stacked like a rainbow with red on top and violet on the bottom stand on a white plate with clovers printed on it. A similar stack in is seen in the background.

They stacked just as beautifully as I had expected!

A stack of pancakes stacked in rainbow order with a bite taken out of them.

I wish Amanda all the best in her continued blogging, and more friendly comments, because, wow, she did nothing wrong here. At all.

What she did do was give me a great idea, and inspire me. She gave me and my family a wonderful Sunday morning full of fun and memories, and a delightful breakfast that we talked about with lots of people for the rest of the day.

*A friend of The Kid’s was born the day after, so we had back to back birthday parties, both at the bowling alley, and with both kids in attendance at both parties. It was an adventure. Wheee!

All photos Copyright Ouyang Dan/Brandann R. Hill-Mann


Comments on: "Fun Food, Shaming, and Some Mommy Solidarity…" (8)

  1. “give me a great idea, and inspire me. She gave me and my family a wonderful Sunday morning full of fun and memories, and a delightful breakfast that we talked about with lots of people for the rest of the day”

    You just made my whole day by sharing this. THANK YOU!! You rock girl!!


    • Thank YOU!

      I have had so many people tell me how wonderful this idea was. I keep telling them I can’t take the credit! Truly, truly, truly, you did a great thing here!

  2. This is a wonderful idea Brandann! When we have kids of our own (and I assure you, that will be eventually) I would love to do this for them! I can’t believe the things people say to you just because they think it’s wrong for you to do to your kids! Well, if it was REALLY wrong for them to eat, I wouldn’t have made it for them in the first place would I?

    • Why wait? I am willing to bet that Jorge would enjoy being gloriously happy for breakfast some morning! I know we had just as much fun as The Kid!

  3. reason # 256 why I have not yet found the nerve to reproduce: the judgement. Yikes.

    Pretty pancakes! did they tasye as good as they look?

    • If you think pancakes are yummy, then yes. We dressed them like we would normal. For The Guy that meant Nutella, and for me that meant Coconut syrup, b/c what goes better w/ a rainbow than a taste of Aloha? Fortunately a friend had brought me some back from a recent trip there so I don’t have to miss my last “home” so much! LOL!

      Although, mixing the colors makes the batter slightly smoother, so the pancakes were ever so slightly more dense, but not by much.

  4. My kid finds these pancake photos relevant to his interests! Thankyou for sharing.

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