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An Unexpected Surprise!

A square black and white award with swirly bits and butterflies at the top. Text reads "Blog Award Winner (next line) Beautiful Blogger (next line) AwardThe ever lovely Chally, who is a kick arse blogger at Zero at the Bone, and Feministe, and whom I am also privileged enough to count among my co-bloggers at FWD/Forward, has bestowed upon me this beautiful award that made me blush fiercely early this morning!

Thank you, Chally, for the much needed, and much appreciated love! You are, as usual, the ” ; ” , the milkshake, and the coiner of “What the Pancake?”.

I love you!

I am apparently supposed to give you seven things about me. Hrmm…

  1. I can peel bananas with my feet. I will not eat the bananas after such a demonstration, so please do not ask me to do so unless you are willing. I do, however, make some of the World’s Best Banana Bread.
  2. I love spicy food. The hotter the better. In Hawai’i The Guy and I used to frequent this awesome Thai place (Phuket Thai, if you are ever in Mililani), and the manager got used to us, and used to try to punk us into eating hotter food. She called it “Laos Hot”, and when we weren’t looking would add extra spices to it before bringing it to us. If I am not sweating during my meal it is not spicy enough. Korea is awesome for this love of mine.
  3. I do not have the stomach for this love. At all. My tummy very much does not appreciate what my tongue loves. And, lately, neither does my esophagus. I have, however discovered dduk gook (an altered version, b/c eggs = NO), and it is yummy. Not as yummy as the Thai noodle soup, but at least I am not throwing up in my mouth randomly.
  4. I do not have a favourite color. I can not pick one. I go through phases where I am fond of a particular chromatic scheme, but eventually it changes, and I move on. Often it is directly related to seasonal flowers, but not always.
  5. Coffee Coffee Coffee. I have a super human tolerance for caffeine! I think it is in my DNA and matrilineally passed on. My mother’s entire family can pound entire pots of coffee, right up until bedtime and still sleep the sleep of the dead (me, on the other hand, can go all day w/o a cup, crankily so, and insomnia my way through ten mg of melatonin). Caffeine keeps me awake and can help me ward off some pain, but does not affect my sleep.
  6. I eat SPAM. It is tasty. I find that most people who go “Ewww! SPAM? Who eats that?” have never ever in their lives tried it. It is cheaper than bacon, fries up just as nicely, and goes great w/ eggs and rice. Or rolled up w/ eggs and rice in seaweed (kim).
  7. I am an amazing cook. This is a fact. I will spend the spoons I have (and some of tomorrow’s) trying out new recipes and making meals. I subscribe to magazines full of recipes and make pretty boxes to keep them on bookshelves. The best (and only) wedding present we got was a gorgeous recipe box (well, it was a gift card that turned into a recipe box) with beautiful cards for all of my recipes. I also have trouble writing them down b/c I change and tweek them so often. My guacamole recipe is one such that has morphed incredibly since I received it, and so is the meat pie recipe that I “inherited”.

I believe I am supposed to pass it on.

I pass it on to the following beautiful bloggers:

The Red Queen, from Elizabitchez.

Cecelia, from Anishnaabekwe.

BFP from Flop Flopping Joy

Anna, from Trouble is Everywhere.

annaham, from HAM.BLOG

amandaw from Three Rivers Fog

I think it was only supposed to be five, but I think a couple of you could use a lift lately.

*less than three*


Comments on: "An Unexpected Surprise!" (2)

  1. I never do these things when folks pass this stuff onto to me. But…okee… I will do it this time. Do I post the beautiful blogger pic when I do my post on my blog?

    Spam is so gross. My Mom used to cook it for us as kids – you know cheap Meijer’s foods. Many of the reasons why I became vegetarian – and any processed meat that you have no idea where it came from and exactly what is in it. On the contrary, I do love spicy foods. People find it funny that I eat jalapenos just as a snack – they help clear the sinuses!

    I’ll do my post sometime tomorrow :)

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