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While I finish up some projects and deal with some…stuff…please enjoy these links from my RSS, from my co-contributors/friends/both, from my email, from me, and elsewhere:

slave2tehtink writes a letter to NPR

Your statement this morning that the US military “wouldn’t arrive” in Haiti
until early next week, as the Army is projected to be there Sunday and a
contingent of Marines onboard the USS Bataan a day or two later was followed
by an off-hand mention that the USS Carl Vinson would be there THIS FUCKING

Allow me to assist you with your reporting by sharing some shocking facts
about the US Navy in general and aircraft carriers in particular.

lisa at Sociological Images: Socialization and Gendered Job Segregation

So it’s more than just gendered jobs, it’s an acknowledgement that when boys and girls do the same job, it gets called something different and, more, better compensated when men do it.

Angry Mouse at Daily Kos: Feminism Fail

And it’s always a crisis. Even under a Democratic president, with a Democratic supermajority in Congress, the nation’s biggest feminist organizations are in crisis mode, raising money but unable to deliver results. They’re just as effective as they were under Bush. Which is to say, Not. At. All.

Snarky’s Machine (via meloukhia on tumblr): Pay the Lady

I don’t give a shit. Pointing out the obvious just doesn’t really hurt my feelings. You’re gonna give me what you gave the rich white lady and you’re gonna like it.

Hell, you don’t have to like it, but you do have to give it.

Anna at FWD/Forward: Feminist Icons

When we talk about Women’s History – and I understand Women’s History month is in March in the US7, so that’s not too long from now – we are doing something wrong if we do not include the lives of women with disabilities. Helen Keller isn’t the only woman with disabilities who has been ignored, erased, or sanitized for public consumption – it happens over and over, to queer women, to women of colour, to women who are ‘marked’ as ‘not-mainstream’.

elle, phd: The Limits of Choice

This is our world, where a woman who may have been sterilized against her will has to offer arguments as to why this should not have happened to her.

Alex DiBranco: Sexting: The Problem is Bullying, Not Sex

Whether or not it’s a good idea to text naked pictures of yourself to someone else, it wasn’t the act of “sexting” that led two girls to commit suicide in the last two years. It’s the bullying that accompanies it.

Tracy Clark-Flory: Formula for disaster

Well, which is it? It’s hard enough to navigate the contentious breast-feeding debate in the developed world, let alone as it applies in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere — and during a heartrending crisis, no less. So, I spent the better part of a day on the phone and immersed in reports from UNICEF and the World Health Organization to get the lowdown on baby formula as aid.

Paul the Spud: How Dare You Question Me

I’m continually amazed that anyone can consider Pat Robertson a man of compassion and love.

lschmeiser: Screenshot: Tina Fey, avatar of ambivalence

Also: Can we talk about the food thing?

Natalia Antonova: Dear Pat Robertson

(must click through)

Some Shameless Self-Promotion:

Outdated FMLA Laws Hurt Workers, Families, and the Public (from Change.org)

Military Wives: The Right Kind of Sexy

Youth Say Pregnancies Best Planned, But Half Have Unprotected Sex

What Women Troops Really Need in Care Packages: Plan B

Hillary Clinton: Still A Hero for Women’s Rights

Military Builds Wounded Warrior Barracks to Ease Transitions

VA Study on Veteran Suicide Rate Leaves Out Women

Tell Us About You Visit… (from FWD/Forward)


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