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Monday Random Ten

leonard nimoy
see more Lol CelebsThere is a thick blanket of beautiful, nigh untouched snow blanketing everything I can see…and it is the first winter we have really had in years. This is actually The Kid’s first one in her living memory. The down side is that the base came to a screeching halt…so we had a Snow Day. Guess no one else around here is from Real Northern Michigan. I can still see the cars…


Shall we?

  1. The City — Joe Purdy
  2. Just Feel Better — Santana featuring Steven Tyler
  3. Higher Ground — Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Blister in the Sun — Violent Femmes
  5. Bicycle Race — Queen
  6. She Will Be Loved — Maroon 5
  7. Losing Grip — Avril Lavigne
  8. Open Arms — Journey
  9. Tell Me (Rap Version) — Wonder Girls
  10. Get Mine, Get Yours — Christina Aguilera

And of course, I believe we need a bonus video for the week, huh?

The video for the Wonder Girls song is particularly fun.

It starts off with five Korean young women dressed in school uniforms watching television. It seems that you are supposed to determine that four of them are “pretty” and the fifth one is possibly nerdy. Then it switches to dance scenes mixed with scenes of the girls at school. The “nerdy” girl transforms into Wonder Woman when various troubled situations arise, ultimately saving the day.


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