exactly that

Yeah... no I
moar funny pictures

b/c I basically slept through Monday… and who couldn’t use a pick-me-up on a snowy Tuesday.

Yes, it snowed in Seoul a couple of days ago.

We are going through the music stash picking out the music for Kid’s new iPod, just in from California (thanks, mel! XOXOX!)

  1. Here’s to the Night — Eve 6
  2. Who Are You — The Who
  3. Keep Your Eyes on the Hands — B. Kaai
  4. I’m Sticking With You — The Velvet Underground
  5. Fat Bottomed Girls — Queen
  6. Keep Breathing — Ingrid Michaelson
  7. Smooth Criminal — Alien Ant Farm
  8. Colorblind — Counting Crows
  9. My Love is Like…Wo — Mya
  10. Where You Lead — Carole King

So, how’s about a bonus video?

*searches around*

“Keep Your Eyes On the Hands” is a cute little song that we found when Kid was taking Hula at her school in Hawai’i. There’s some pretty big innuendo, but I see beginning level students do hula to this song all the time. Here is a video of some students from Pepperdine University doing Luau.*

Remember she’s telling a story to you
Her opu is swaying, but don’t watch the view
Don’t concentrate on the swing
It doesn’t mean a thing
Keep your eyes on the hands

And when she goes around the island
Swinging hips so tantalizing
Just keep your eyes where they belong

And when her grass skirt goes a-swishing
Keep your head and don’t go wishin’
That you were mowin’ the lawn.

Your eyes are revealing
You’re fooling no one
No use in concealing
You’re having some fun

But if you’re too young to date
Or over ninety-eight
Keep your eyes on the hands
They tell the story
Just keep your eyes on the hands

*For the most part, I find Luau exploitative. I can do countless posts on the pros and cons of Luau and the exotification of Island and Native people through Luau and Hula.


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