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Monday Random Ten

I found my external hard drive!

Taking this idea from Natalia, I think we need some fluff today (because Mondays need more fluff than Fridays).

If you aren’t familiar w/ the “Random Ten” concept (and I am sure I don’t do it completely right), I think you just turn on your music app of choice, and blog the first ten songs that play. Easy as pie.

Mmm. Pie.

I also dedicate this MRT to Anna, who was having a crappy day, and to me, who was having a crappy week last week. I can do that, right? It is my blog, after all…

W/o further ado:

  1. They Might Be Giants — Birdhouse In Your Soul
  2. Alice Cooper — School’s Out
  3. MC 몽 (Mong) — Lucky Man
  4. Santana, Featuring Dido — Feels Like Fire
  5. Flogging Molly — Seven Deadly Sins
  6. Richie Ren — 看过来 (Kan Guo Lai)
  7. The Who — Won’t Get Fooled Again
  8. Gorillaz — Clint Eastwood
  9. The Bangles — Eternal Flame
  10. Smashing Pumpkins — Apples + Oranjes

Bonus, I happen to have the video and lyrics (in the pinyin Romanization) to the Richie Ren video, which is one of The Kid’s favorite songs ever:

The Lyrics (via) Yeah, unless something is lost in translation, it is a bit of a Nice Guy™ Anthem. But it’s fun. You can’t sue me for enjoying everything that isn’t exactly feminist in Pop Culture. Maybe next time I’ll get The Guy to tranx my favorite MC Mong vid.

Dui mian de nv hai kan guo lai
Kan guo lai Kan guo lai
Zhe li de biao yan hen jing cai
Qing bu yao jia zhuang bu li bu cai

Dui mian de nv hai kan guo lai
Kan guo lai Kan guo lai
Bu yao bei wo de yang zi xia huai
Qi shi wo hen ke ai

Ji mo nan hai de bei ai
Shuo chu lai Shei ming bai
Qiu qiu ni pao ge mei yan guo lai
Hong hong wo Dou wo le kai huai
(Hahaha… mei ren li wo, ha)

Wo zuo kan you kan shang kan xia kan
Yuan lai mei ge nv hai dou bu jian dan
Wo xiang le you xiang Wo cai le you cai
Nv hai men de xin shi ta zhen qi guai

Ji mo nan hai de cang ying pai
Zuo pai pai You pai pai
Wei she me hai shi mei ren lai ai
Wu ren wu jin Zhen wu nai

Dui mian de nv hai kan guo lai
Kan guo lai Kan guo lai
Ji mo nan hai qing dou chu kai
Xu yao ni gei wo yi dian ai

(Ai… suan le, hui jia ba)

My (possibly poor) translation.* Yeah! Flex those Chinese skills!

Girl from across the way, look over here,
look over here, look over here.
This performance is wonderful,
Please, don’t pretend to ignore me.

Girl from across the way, look over here,
look over here, look over here.
I don’t want my appearance to frighten,
As a matter of fact, I am quite likable!

A cold, lonely boy grieving,
speaking out, who could understand?
I beg you to throw one charming glance.
Coax me, tease me to your heart’s content.

(He he he, no one notices me, he)

I look left, look right, look up, look down,
but everything about girls is complex to me.
I think and I think, I guess and I guess,
but the minds of girls remain a puzzle.

A cold lonely boy’s flyswatter
swats left, swats right
Why is it that still no one loves me?
I truly feel helpless.

Girl from across the way, look over here
look over here, look over here.
Cold and lonely boy, all grown up,
I need you to give me a little love.

(Ay… Forget about it, I’ll just go home.)

*After I spent thirty minutes translating the Chinese characters myself, I scrolled down and saw that TingDong had a translation right there. Oops. I worked hard on mine, so you get mine. LOL.

Now I think I need pie. Maybe tonight will be meat pie night. And apple pie. I make awesome pies.


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  1. I’m your only friend i’m not your only friend but i’m a little glowing friend but really i’m not actually your friend but i am

  2. Lol just had to do that. I love that song, it’s just such utter joyous nonsense.

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