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Men who speak up…

There is something that will always make Patrick Stewart incredibly attractive and brilliant in my mind … and him writing this (trigger warning for domestic violence) only increases that.

There is something so incredibly refreshing about men who speak up against violence against women and children. There is something even more admirable about a man who admits that anger and frustration are part of the emotional spectrum, to be felt, but that there is a responsibility in how one deals with that anger. Stewart does a beautiful job of expressing how he learned to deal with his own anger, a souvenir of the abuse he watched at a child and from having to step in where no child ever should.

Thank you, Mr. Stewart. You should be an example to all men everywhere.



Comments on: "Men who speak up…" (1)

  1. Yes, this. This piece was so clear and eloquent. It should be required reading everywhere.

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