exactly that

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even thought I tried to thaw the turkey the “proper” way, I still wound up where I always do…

I was weirdly jealous that they got to relax in my spa bathtub. *pouts*

Full Thanksgiving report here. *Peanut Butter Pie picture warning*

Last weekend The Guy brought home three book cases that he bought for super cheap from a family that was PCS-ing. We have been in dire need of them, since our multitudes of books were about the only thing still sitting around in boxes and stacks. I am so happy. They look awesome!

We are pretty sure that despite the fact that it looks like a Fantasy mass market paperback book swap in here that we might be missing at least one box of books. *sob* Yes, I did say three book cases. The third has only a few books, which means MOAR BOOKS! Yay!

Why, yes!

That is my set of Russian leader Matryoshka dolls! I used to collect them back before I had another mouth to feed. This is my favorite set of my collection. It even has a little Khruschev with his little ear of corn:

Anyway, hope you all have/had a great holiday, or if you don’t have a holiday this week, I hope you all are having a great week.


Comments on: "Happy Thanksgiving!" (6)

  1. Those peanut butter pies look fabulous!
    glad your holiday in the future was good

    • Did you see Killer the killer bunny? Proudly displayed on my new bookshelves?

      Hope your holiday was wonderful! I know holidays have to be a little tough this year. *offers big hugs*

  2. OMG- Russian Leader Nesting Dolls! Want! Gimme Gimme!

  3. I wish I had a bathtub that didn’t suck. *cries*

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