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At FWD: No, Actually, “Eat a Sandwich” is Not “Feminist Activism”…

Because the policing of women’s bodies, whether you are being cheeky, or saying it to a plastic doll, is not cool. It’s hurtful and not useful, and has no place in feminist discourse. Can we move past that point? Huh? That’s a pretty Kindy thing, IMNSFHO.


Change.org’s Women’s Rights Blog: Women Have Been on Subs for Years: It’s Time to Integrate the Service

Here’s a little news flash: Women have been serving on subs for a long time in the United States Navy. Maybe not in the capacity in which they are about to be, but they have been there for years, serving in short stints, and they have somehow managed to not destroy the Navy as we know it with all of their girly bits.

Also, I have a petition up at Change to urge Congress to put the Compassionate Care for Servicewomen Act back on the table. If you are so inclined…

That’s what I have been up to … what have you been up to?


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