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Dishonest Critics

Lieutenent Commander Marilisa Elrod, a presumably white woman in a White Navy uniform appears to be driving a passenger boat.

Lt. Cmdr. Marilisa Elrod, shown here in Hawaii recently, has a rare distinction: as a doctor and undersea medical officer, she has become submarine qualified in a service that excludes women as crewmembers. Elrod says it would take effort and changes but believes women can successfully serve on submarines.

People have opinions, and they are entitled to their own. People are allowed to disagree with whatever is going on, policy changes, new programs being created…wev. Part of the Constitutional Right to Free Speech in the U.S. means that people are allowed to criticize those choices and opinions. Free Speech does not mean free from criticism, I get that.

There is, however, a line to draw in that criticism where the critic is deliberately dishonest in order to draw attention purposefully to their side. There is criticism and then there is lying.

The Center for Military Readiness strikes again, this time horribly misconstruing what a woman sailor said in a Stars and Stripes interview in order to make her look like a silly Uppity Woman. That is about as dishonest as you can get, and it shows the CMR as the dishonest and ridiculous hacks that they are.

They saw this news article: (emphasis mine)

A sailor once asked Lt. Cmdr. Marilisa Elrod where she got the twin dolphins sewn below the U.S. Navy lettering on her uniform. She could understand the sailor’s confusion — he had probably never seen the insignia on a woman before.

I said I borrowed them from my husband … just to tease him,” said Elrod, a doctor and undersea medical officer based in Hawaii.

Then she explained how she studied for more than a year and passed her qualification test aboard the USS Key West before earning the distinction of being a submarine-qualified sailor.

To a submariner, those dolphins mean that the sailor wearing them knows enough about every function of the boat to save it in an emergency.

Elrod is one of 12 submarine-qualified women in the Navy, officials said.

… and turned it into this hot mess: (emphasis all fucking mine)

The article quotes Lt. Cmdr. Marilisa Elrod, a doctor and undersea medical officer who likes to wear her husband’s dolphins because she is qualified to ride on the submarines.

See, they don’t really care about women, as they claim. They care about controlling women’s lives and really go out of their way to insult real women and their achievements. The Center for Military Readiness, headed by my BFF Elaine Donnelly, who hasn’t spent a day in uniform and can’t attest to what it means to earn a qualification for making a proper rack let alone being on a submarine, cares more about pretend babies that don’t exist than actual women who would benefit from having career paths opened to them.

The Center for Military Readiness mess goes on to purposely confuse what is pretty damned clear in the Stars and Stripes article, suggesting that the article never clarifies what kind of accommodations LCDR Elrod had on her submarine stints, but in the article she says that she shared an officer’s State Room. It’s not unclear at all. She is discussing in the article the measures taken to accommodate privacy for her on board a submarine. Some basic reading comprehension is all it takes to grok that. It also purports that LCDR Kunts, an actual submariner, doesn’t know shit about what he is talking about. So, no respect for actual sailors, either. I guess civilians are the go-to on all things military, huh?

Whoever “editor” is at CMR should really try to get their facts straight. Maybe talk to a few people who have been on board submarines (like, I dunno, maybe even an actual woman like LCDR Elrod) and try to find some data from this decade to make their case.

Integration of women onto submarines is going to happen. It is happening. It has already happened. People at the Center for Military Readiness and other critics need to wrap their head around that, and stop spreading lies and misconstruing facts to damage progress.

Photo: from Stars and Stripes online


Comments on: "Dishonest Critics" (2)

  1. The CMR isn’t interested in getting their facts straight (a-hem). They’re interested in furthering their agenda of getting undesirables–chicks, faggots, illegals, heathens–out of the military. If they had any acquaintance with facts they might have noticed that the view isn’t actually so awesome from inside their colons.

    • You are right, and I know that (even if I play that I don’t in my posts). I think that is what angers me the most about their sway in Congress. They seem to have quite a bit of pull, where pull is read as money.

      That, and the line about having “respect” for anyone at all…

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