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Because Michigan can never just leave well enough alone, can it?

I found out from my acupuncturist that the state of Michigan is considering requiring it’s citizens to get a doctor’s referral to go to an acupuncturists. So, in other words, rather than hearing from a friend that she went to acupuncture and that person deciding to give it a try too–Michigan wants to make it so that you have to go to a doctor first, and then, if the doctor is willing to actually give you the referral, you can go to the acupuncturist.

Many people who know about the history of midwives in the U.S. know why this is such an extraordinarily bad idea. But for those who don’t know that history–what this particular requirement would do is first and foremost, place an incredibly unfair burden on those people who don’t have health insurance. Those who are unable to afford a doctor would simply have yet another health alternative option removed from their already limited health arsenal.

If you do nothing else, please sign this petition to help keep this medical option available for people who would lose access to the only health care they afford without insurance.  With Michigan being hit as hard as it has been by this recession and the job loss as high as it is in the state specifically, people are desperate for health care.  Community Acupuncture is one of the few options available to them, and if the requirement is added to get a doctor’s referral, well, without insurance, they will lose that too.


Comments on: "Michigan to impost referral law for Acupuncture" (2)

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  2. rachel cervantes said:

    Remember the Michigan Militia? Enough said.

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