exactly that

As Promised…

If i was any happier  i

But really I AM very happy!

moar funny pictures

I promised a couple of days ago to reveal (at least a little of) the good news that was a brewin’ here at random babble…(and other places)

Back in September I applied to be a blogger at Change.org, thanks to a recommendation by The Red Queen.  A little while later they wrote me back asking me for some sample writing, which I toiled over and sent in.  I was just beginning to think that I wasn’t going to hear from them when they emailed me to offer me a paid position!  That last sentence is something I really thought I was never actually going to write, and am now still feeling a little weird actually writing.  Paid writer.

It certainly isn’t going to pay any bills, but it is a paid writing job, which is something I have been working towards for a while now.  It feels good.  Really really damn good.

I am going to be doing a weekly spot on the Military for their Women’s Rights blog, and some other stuff too, but they really liked my covering of military issues.  I hope that all 11 of you who currently read this blog will consider checking it out and showing me the same awesome love there.

There is some more Wonderful brewing, but before my head gets too big I will sign off and continue in the Happy that has been going on around here.

Not a bad way to start a New Year!  Yay!


Comments on: "As Promised…" (11)

  1. Again, this is so great! Congratulations. :D

  2. Congrats! That’s so cool. :)

  3. w00t! Paid writer is the bestest!!!

  4. Ummm, I didn’t mean to imply that the other bits weren’t good, too. :)

  5. Thanks, everyone! I am still in that weird “I can’t really believe it” mode. Maybe when I actually see it in print…LOL.

    The blog is now bookmarked and cant wait to start reading your contributions

  7. Sweet! congratulations!

  8. rachel cervantes said:


  9. Congratulations. Now I’m officially jealous of you. PS if you see Nick Denton, could you TRY to give him the impression his life depends upon hiring me for the Gawker night editor position? Kthxbai

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