exactly that


The Seventh Carnival of Feminists is up at Shut Up, Sit Down! Go show them, and all the contributors some love (Hey that’s me too!) on the work they did!


Co-Contributors Rawk!

Assorted truffles wrapped in red tissue.


Thank you, ever so much!  It made my day to find these in our APO box!


I made these Worm Infested Dirt Cups for The Kid’s class for Halloween:

Chocolate cupcakes with faux mud topping and gummy worms

Ewww! And also: NOM!

For the Averted to Chocolate for any reason, I made one dozen in vanilla:

White cupcake with faux sandy mud topping and gummy worm.

I used a “cheat” recipe that cut a lot of the time for me (which I posted at BaCaW), which is a good thing.  It was given to me by another mum, and when I looked it up b/c I forgot the proportions, I found out that it is a Weight Watcher’s recipe (or, supposed to be), but because diets are crap, and don’t work (even “lifestyle changes”), I made sure to use the real, full sugar soda.  Yum!  More importantly, this is a great vegan alternative recipe, since it cuts out the egg, and easier because it doesn’t need the extra oil or applesauce.

Now, I need a nap.  Because, as I have discovered, if you keep borrowing tomorrow’s spoons to accomplish today’s tasks, it is going to catch up w/ you…in a bad bad way.


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