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Some of you may not be aware of the deal with Nestlé.  There has been a boycott going on for quite some time, that goes beyond formula (I just learned that myself, I had no idea that it went beyond their horrid formula practices).  Let me state something up front, that even though I am very much a pro breastfeeding mum, this boycott has nothing to do with what you feed your baby, be it formula or breast milk.  None. This is about a company’s refusal to comply with WHO codes.  But read the linked info.  That will catch you up.  I’ll wait.

You back?

I don’t have to be a virtuous foodie, but I do believe strongly in fair trade, and better than fair trade and the role it plays in the lives of the people who provide the materials for foods that we have the privilege of enjoying.  I don’t knowingly partake in patronizing companies that willingly refuse to comply with fair trade or earn their profits on the backs of slave labor.  I don’t need chocolate that badly.  It can be done in a fair way, I have worked for a company that made that commitment.  And then some.

So this week, 26 October through 01 November (coinciding with Halloween) is a week long boycott of Nestlé products (the whole list here).

I don’t think it was unintentional that every Nestlé owned product that was in our local commissary was on sale (and just the ones I could remember, including the bottled soda water I used to drink before meds made it taste like crap and I found out it was Nestlé owned).  Not just on sale, but way, way super marked down like it was going out of style sale.

You can sell that shit for five cents a bag.  We aren’t buyin’ it.


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  1. Iiinteresting. I need to stop by Tesco today, I wonder if Nestlé’s done the same here. It was really annoying to find that the bottle of water I’d picked up last week thinking it WASN’T was Nestle-tastic.

    • It was one of the reasons I ended up getting a camelback bottle…(the other being to cut down on plastic use) because Nestle is so damned pervasive…they own almost every brand of bottled water there is (except one that I can’t remember right now), including several imported ones I used to really like when I would go out to eat at nicer restaurants.

  2. Thank you for the information. I still need to buy snacks for Halloween (pretzels, etc) and I will be passing by anything from Nestle. I will also be passing on the info to friends and family.
    I learn so much from your blog OD. Thank you!

    • No problem! Make sure you check out that list…it’s pretty extensive (like, I didn’t know about their frozen foods! Or Cheerios!).

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