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Perusing the book section at the PX (with mah new CANE!), as we are wont to do, I happened past the religion section, which used to contain all sorts of goodies, and is actually where I found my Pagan Book of Prayer that I have grown fond of.  This time, all the Pagan books are gone, and are now two rows over and marked “Occult”.


It used to be a very diverse section, which I thought was awesome, for being a PX on a military post, and was very representative of the major world religions, and the ones local to Korea.

Not anymore.

It is now basically all Bibles, in every available version (LYFAO/eyeroll out of your head warning on that link), and all those self help books that Annaham loves (just think happy thoughts and Baby Angels will kiss your ooo-boos away!).  I counted one book on Buddhism (Zen, specifically, none of the others), and one on Hinduism, which is the world’s third largest organized* religion.  One book in the whole two shelf section.  I may have seen one on Taoism, which was totally random and maybe leftover from how awesome the section used to be.  Not one single book on Islam, ya know, the second largest religion in the world, probably because only good terrorist kids and the President are practicing nowadays, so no need to inform anyone about it**. /headdesk

*According to Adherents, Secular/Non-religious/Agnostic/Atheist is actually third, but Hinduism is the third major organized religion.

**OOH-HOOO if you didn’t catch the snark there you are on the wrong blog.


Comments on: "Observed" (2)

  1. 1. New cane! Score!

    2. A bookstore seriously has an occult section. Where you find books on paganism. Oh. My. Goodness.

    3. “modern emasculation of Christianity” …BWAHahahahahah! *gasp* hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • Hi Tera! Welcome to my own personal stomping grounds! It’s been great seeing you at FWD!

      I lived an Ann Arbor, MI for years, so I am a bit spoiled when it comes to Pagan books…but they used to be all together in the same section, under religion, which I liked.

      And, yeah, if your eyes are still in your head after that link, I applaud you.

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