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This Moment’s WTF?

When The Kid was born she was 7 lbs and 14 ounces.  Not huge by baby standards, really.  She was 21 inches long, and had a perfectly round head*.  I nursed exclusively until I had my wisdom teeth out after she was almost five months old, when I had some trouble transitioning back after the pain medication left my body (and OH the shaming from the WIC nurses about the pain medication).  On demand feeding from 45 minutes after she was born, and The Kid was steadfastly in the 98th percentile in height and weight pretty much forever.  She is still about the 97th in height, and for her height she is “normal” weight, the doctors tell me (boy do I love that word), even if I do not remember the numbers off the top of my head.  She is a great and healthy kid, and always has been.

Kind of like this kid, who apparently, as a healthy and happy baby, is too fat for health insurance.  If you haven’t already read amandaw’s post on the extreme bullshit that is insurance companies and their pre-existing conditions, please please run over to her blog or to FWD and do so right now.  A perfectly healthy baby, in a home where the parents did what any parent would try to do, take care of his basic needs and feed him when he needs to be fed.  10,000 fat shaming points to the journalist for selecting the photo that positions the slender mother as far back in the shot as possible to make the baby look as ginormous as can be.  WHEEEEE!

What breaks my heart the most is that the parents of this little Alex Lange are already making jokes about the various diet plans that they surely put him on as soon as possible, such as starting him on Slim Fast as soon as he is ready for solid food, or about putting him on a treadmill.  This incident is probably going to be a family joke for years to come, and that won’t affect Alex’s self esteem.  Nuh-uh.

Obviously our health care system is broken when we allow companies to deny coverage to healthy babies.  We let them cherry pick among people who need it the most, we allow them to deny coverage just because someone can’t pay, making health care a privilege and not a right, we set up pre-existing conditions on everything from childhood asthma to C-sections, then even if people get coverage we still enable companies to practice rescission, and now we let them deny coverage to a kid who is young enough to still have vernix behind his ears for being happy, healthy and well nursed.

It’s broken.  Why ain’t we fixin’ it.

I mean, WTF?

*The Perfectly Round Head is a long running joke w/ us.  Kid’s head did not mold when she was born, and because her delivery was just so darned fast (I know some of you hate me right now) I tore.  Pretty impressively, too, I was told as the doctor was stitching me up.  I have long joked w/ Kid that her head has always been Perfectly Round, and apparently she told this story to her Kindergarten class.  Oops.

ETA: Crap.  This was found via Shapely Prose.  I had the frackin’ tab open all day and all night so I would not. forget. to. link.  Gah!  Many many apologies.


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