exactly that

What You Googled…

I haven’t done one of these in a while…

but Chally did, and hers made me chuckle…so I figured what the hay, I needed something light on a post holiday Monday morning to celebrate the Bank being open.  XD

I have had, in two days’ time, no less that 37 (thirty seven!) hits for some combination involving “powerpuff girls“, and ya know, I have only done one post about The Powerpuff Girls, and it wasn’t even in the title.  So, here ya go, I hope this helps with the seeming PPG demand:

Happy to oblige.

dog chases cat

OK, first, WTF?  But here ya go, courtesy of teh Feminist Kitteh Collective!

varian wrynn

Gamer Dorks!  I less than three you!


dranei sex

Seriously?  Well, you are getting the Daler treatment (also, b/c I friggin’ love this song).

A two-fer:  “think like a native american” and “why blood quantum laws shouldn’t exist“.  A:  Because they’re racist.

googlesexwork”  OK.  No, really.  CLICK THE LINK.

fuck you neon sign”  sounded like a challenge.  Whoa, I tell you it was not.  HA!  I have a new favorite go to picture!


things that bug me blogs”  I can tell you that you wound up in the right place.  Enjoy.


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