exactly that

Things That Bug Me…

People who think they know all about things they really don’t know anything about.

I was a Music Education major in college.  Super specialized majors like that tend to stick with you.  So, at the Oktoberfest Celebration on the post here when the band was filing in and out and one of the members passed us w/ his tiny saxophone that was very wee and still bent and shaped like your standard alto it sparked the following:

The Guy’s Buddy:  I wonder what kind of sax that is.

Me:  It’s a soprano.

TGB:  No.  Sopranos are always straight, like clarinets.

Me:  Not always.  Sometimes they are curved just like that.

TGB:  No.  The curve would change the sound.

Me:  Umm, no.  Curving the metal doesn’t change the sound, why do you think they are able to wrap a tuba around a person or a French horn the way it is?  It’s the length of the pipe, not the way it is curved.

TGB:  No, sopranos are always straight.

So, me and my music education shut up, b/c no matter how much expertise and personal, first hand knowledge you might have about something, and no matter how long you have actually experienced something, you will never know more than some people.  Ever.

But, just for shits and giggles (dramatic Prarie Dog, help me out):

Soprano Saxophones

Oh, my stars and garters!


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