exactly that

Go. Read.

feministcatThis letter.

I’ll wait.

I’ll even wait while you read the offending Feministing post.

You need more time?


Please co-sign that letter.

Opening up feminist dialogue is important, and recognizing the intersections of feminism and other areas of oppression is vital to accomplishing anything.

If this were the first time, fine.  But it’s not, and honestly I am not going to go did them up for everyone.  Because I am not the only person who has pointed out use of ableist language to them.  Or in comments, only to be met with vehement retorts from other comments defending their rights to use such language.  Occasionally a mod might step in and say “oops, sorry” but that’s about as far as it goes.

The whole, wide world feels free to use such othering and belittling language.  I sure as fuck don’t need it in my feminist readers.

ETA: Courtney apologized.  The point still stands.  If this were a one time thing, I might be OK w/ that.

Also, telling someone you don’t like their tone.  Also not OK.  I thought that was pretty 101 stuff.  What do I know?  I am not a big name blog writer.


Comments on: "Go. Read." (6)

  1. Apologies are good; actually making a heartfelt one and understanding why you needed to apologize? Better. I would really like to see Feministing address the ableism issue in a main page post. Now, *that* would be an apology.

    • Nope, you are 100% right.

      That is the first time, in my memory, (and this is not a pat on the back or an excuse), that any apology other than “sorry we offended you” has come out of it.

      I am still holding my breath on that whole tone thing, too.

  2. I dropped Feministing from my feeds at least a year ago for something regarding infertility treatment, can’t recall the details now.

    And, I only skimmed the letter the first time and when I read the letter -… …it just seems so very simple, to me, that once you’re made aware of stuff like that, that there’s no reason to keep on doing it, y’know?. If anything, it becomes even more a slap in the face.

  3. Oh, edit fail – ‘…skimmed the letter [the post on Feministing] the first time and when I read the letter [TO Feministing…]”

    Yeah, I was english major, why do you ask?

  4. […] are popping up (I almost had an unfortunate typo there) all over Bloglandia since this one that I mentioned the other day.  I would like to direct you to two more that I think are […]

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