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Today is the start of Chuseok in Korea.  It is eerie quiet in Seoul today.  The linked Wiki says it is tomorrow, but I assure you, all of the Koreans we have talked to says that it is today is the big travel day.

We knew that the days surrounding Chuseok were going to be a little hairy, so we prepared to be cozied up in the ville for the duration.

Chuseok is a huge deal.  I am not sure if it is the biggest Korean holiday (I’ll ask The Guy later), but everything literally shuts down for it.  Neither Kid nor Guy have school (DoD schools close for Host Country holidays), and the Base is a ghost town (because overseas bases typically hire Host Country nationals to work in all of their facilities, like the PX, their restaurants, banks,  and all official offices…basically you can not conduct any business on US or Host Country holidays), so we are looking at a nice, relaxing long weekend.

If you are celebrating Chuseok with your family, may you have a safe one.  If you are enjoying a quiet time with your family, enjoy that too.


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