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This post made possible by a grant from modern science.

Chally from Zero at the Bone has posted the Fifth Carnival of Feminists.  She’s done a wonderful job.  Go show her some love.  Now.  I’ll wait.

Are you back?


Annaham has a piece on objectivity that I think is important if you are trying to grok disability rights and why sometimes it isn’t possible to just look at the science and say “but that’s just how things are”.

Yeah, cuz if you ask science, there is nothing wrong with me, now is there?  HA!

Speaking of Health Care Reform (Oh, was no one talking about that…well I was)…this is one of the better take downs I have seen.  This author both debunks common Conservative lies that I hear from people all the time, and gives a pretty thorough explanation of HR 3200.

Jen Nedeau found a Max shoes ad that I think stinks.

ETA:  How did I forget to include this:  Kate Harding:  Remember: Roman Polanski raped a child.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I had to deal with some crap while I was trying to finish up my sample pieces, but they are in and now all I need is the positive energy!  Whew!

Take it easy, yo!


Comments on: "Stuff" (3)

  1. Thank you so much for the link and the love. :)

  2. rachel cervantes said:

    I love that Star Trek thing.

    • OMG! I always go wandering around ICHC for pictures for posts (goes back to my old self supported .Mac days when the template required a pic), and that one was the first one I saw. I needed a funny yesterday.

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