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Too perfect not to share…

From Bill Wolfrum:

Many Christians have long believed that the Rapture would include the “vanishing” of millions of loyal Christians around the globe, leaving the rest of the world’s population to die in hellfire. The return of Jesus was supposed to usher in high times for loyal Christians as the doors of heaven would open for them.

As it turned out, however, Jesus showed no real interest in any Christian, living or dead, and instead only took three practicing Jains with him to play golf, and then the foursome ascended to the heavens.

“Maybe next time,” Christ was reported as saying. Christ shot a 73, sources say, as he struggled with his putting.

Go read the whole thing.  Bill is, IMNSHO, the best thing in satire since Irish babies for dinner.


Comments on: "Too perfect not to share…" (5)

  1. so Christ and I have something in common. We both are having putting problems!

  2. Oh, you! Shucks, gee, howdy, ayup.

    And thanks :)

  3. This reminded me of something my minister said – that she used to be worried about those people who take the Bible literally and so she came up with a design for a hat with a spike on top for those raptured people to wear, so that they don’t bump their heads on their way up to heaven! lol It’s a great mental picture!

  4. YUM! Irish babies for dinner!

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