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One of our friends left for a training class in Alaska, and his wife was allowed to go with him, and since her going was a last minute arrangement they brought us a large gift of food that they didn’t want to go to waste. Among the two enormous bags of fruits and veggies (and other stuff) was an equally enormous half of a watermelon. Other than chop it up and eat it as a snack I was looking for something creative to do w/ it. As many people who often travel will tell you, after a trip money can be a little tight, so I wanted to include it into the weekly meal planning, to pad the budget just a bit.

I always turn to Al Gore’s infinite wisdom, and I came up w/ this recipe. I had to modify it a bit, as I no longer have lots of fancy vinegars on had at all times. I substituted balsamic in the dressin, and it turned out great. I also added some pre-packaged chicken breast from the lunch meat section (I try to keep some of that and canned chicken on hand for these occasions), to make it a whole meal instead of just a salad. Even though it was fully cooked I sauteed it in a little EVOO and garlic pepper, just until warmed w/ those little crispy brown sear marks on it.

It was super yumm-O and refreshing, not to mention something I never thought to do.


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