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Me, Morally and Politically

Thanks to RQ for passing this test on.  Some of the questions were a little tough for my overthinking brain (which is what makes me a bad test taker, that and linguistically speaking I break things down too much), and I would have preferred a “neutral” option…but this was pretty close.  ETA:  Apologies that the pics are so small and hard to read.  I couldn’t get them bigger!

Picture 4For a comparison, here is the breakdown of some well known people on the same grid:

Picture 5

Picture 6

O hai there Ghandi!  I C U Lama!

It also reminds me that some people are morons when they get into name calling…but I digress…

Also was the morality test, and I was not exactly surprised to see that I fell into pink squishy land:

Picture 2

For comparison:

Picture 3

How did ya’all do?

Also, after a facebook chat w/ The Jaded Hippy and Mzbitca today, I decided to post this for fun.  Enjoy!


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