exactly that

This is an email I received from my friend, Adele, and I am sharing it with her permission.  Emphasis is hers.

I had an incident two days ago with a man following me and trying to scare me off the road. He noticed I was scoping out the situation as he drove under the speed limit (backing up traffic), so he can look at the young girls coming out of the elementary and high schools. When I drove in front of him he became enraged and started the scare tactics.

I called approximately 10 people and got everyone’s voicemail, until my 11th call. I don’t always think of 911 as my safety, so I was reaching out for community. I was trying to call the people closest to the area. Naturally, they would be able to get to me quickest. My husband works nine blocks away, but I didn’t have the time to call the office and get him out of class. I realize now I could have called a few other people, but I was so nervous it wasn’t easy to think of everyone I know in a 10 mile radius.

This was a huge lesson! How many of us have an emergency plan in place? A plan for you, your children, your parents, friends, partners, etc.? Most of us are so busy we rarely pick up our phones. If you don’t have a cell phone, what is your plan? What about if you can’t pick up the phone? What will you (we) do if something happens and you need someone right away? The police can’t always get there immediately, there is countless documentation indicating their delay.

I now have three people as emergency contacts. We have agreed if I call they will always pick-up the phone. There will of course be times when one or two can’t get to the phone, that’s why I have three options. If it’s not an emergency, they can simply call you back later. I also have a text message emergency plan. If I text someone an “E” that means it’s an emergency and they call asap.

I hope you’ll learn from my situation and put your plan in place!

In community,


P.S. – Most people assumed I was in Detroit. I was actually in the suburbs, it can happen anywhere! The person was a white male, late 30’s, early 40’s with 80’s feathered hair and a tan ford pick-up.

I realize that I do not in fact have an emergency plan.  While I feel extremely safe in Seoul I realize that I need to have one anyway.  More importantly, when I come back to the States the pre-paid phone I use there doesn’t have a lot of numbers in it.  Were I to find myself in a situation like Adele’s I don’t have anyone that I can call.  I need to remedy that right away.


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