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MTSS #24 — Condoms

Great episode (sorry, can’t embed *coughWordPresscough*). *

Are you back?

Notable Notes and Quotable Quotes:

I did not know that about spermicidal condoms.  Guess we’ll be throwing those away.

“I’ve met a lot of people who claim to be allergic or sensitive to latex, which is kind of weird, since only 1% of the population actually is.”

I have seen retailers claim the contrary, but you do not in fact need to be 18 or older to purchase condoms.

“What the fuck, FDA?”

Never use petroleum or oil-based lubes.  It breaks down the latex.  These are also bad for sex toys, as it breaks those down also, and can cause bacterial growth (eww!)  Always use water based lubes.

Do NOT try to reuse a condom you have accidentally rolled on the wrong way.  If there is any pre-ejaculate in there it could be bad news.  NO BAYBEEZ!

“To all those people who refuse to use condoms:  We say ‘go fuck yourselves’.”

*Sometimes Nikol says some things that I don’t endorse.  I don’t think it overrides the overall good that MTSS does in getting good sex-ed info out there in an interesting and factually based manner.


Comments on: "MTSS #24 — Condoms" (4)

  1. Silicone based lubes are perfectly safe to use on condoms as well (just not with silicone based toys). I thought it sort of odd that they left those out.

  2. i await the arrival of our sewer mutant condom based overlords!

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