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Former President Bill Clinton traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) this week to negotiate the release of Current TV journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, who had been arrested near the China/DPRK boarder.  The two women were sentenced by a top court to 12 years imprisonment and hard labor for committing “hostile acts” and supposedly passing illegally into DPRK territory.  According to sources, it is still unclear if they actually did cross into DPRK territory.

I can give you my own speculation.*

DPRK leader, Kim Jong-Il (or as we refer to him at home, The Jonger), after meeting with the Former President, granted a special pardon to the two women, who will now be returned to their families.

Thank goodness.

The North has a nasty habit of behaving like an old abusive boyfriend, making lots of grand promises and then not keeping them, while at the same time using insults and other emotional abuse to lash out after not owning their own mistakes, as was evident in their recent interactions with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

I am relieved to know that Ling and Lee will be returning to their families soon.  Ms. Ling and Ms. Lee, I wish you both the best as you are reunited with your families.

Thank you, Mr. Clinton, for doing this.  It is good to see someone use their power, influence and good name to do good work.


* I think that Ms. Ling and Ms. Lee believed that they were well within the Chinese border.  I think they probably even had the reassurances from the Chinese officials that they were in fact well within the Chinese border.  The problem here, being that it is well known that some Asian borders in many places have long been in dispute (like with the situation over Dokdo between RoK and Japan).  China shares borders with some fourteen countries, and at almost every border they are more than willing to claim land that is possibly that of the other nation.  It is easy for me to imagine a situation where China reassured them they were fine and they were actually in an area that DPRK believed was their own.


Comments on: "Bill Clinton secures release of Ling and Lee" (10)

  1. Shadowcatcher said:

    Welcome home to them! Now they can show their appreciation by making sure every penny of income derived from this series of events is claimed on not only their tax returns, but the tax returns of every publisher, screenwriter, director, and producer that sells something related.
    If they live another 60 years they may begin to pay back the country that retrieved them.

  2. not to demean the great post but I LOL’d at “the Jonger”
    hope life is treating you, the guy, and the kid well in the future (yes it gets old to everyone except me!)

  3. I’m so glad to see them home safe… right now am arguing on facebook with a friend who seems to think it’s their own fault they were captured cause they shoul’dve been home with their kids or something….

  4. Shadowcatcher said:

    “Tread lightly?” What’s on your mind, Dan? You’ve already tipped your hand to the pejorative….why not take it the rest of the way?

    And Wonder…..which side of the border do you think they were on when apprehended? (please please please say it doesn’t matter…..then your irrelevancy coefficient will reach 100%)


    • Tread lightly, as in your comments make no sense, are bordering on violating my comments policy, and are otherwise boring.

      Keep it up and you will be banned.

  5. Shadowcatcher said:

    Oh, don’t disappoint me and get bogged down in rationality now! C’mon! Release that scared inner child and let me have it!

    Actually, I want to hear more about your theory that they were actually in China. In your theory, actually STANDING NEXT TO REASSURING CHINESE OFFICIALS. So what, pray tell, did those officials DO when the DPRK soldiers CROSSED THE BORDER into China and snatched the innocent publicity hounds?

  6. Shadowcatcher said:

    “It is easy for me to imagine a situation where China reassured them they were fine and they were actually in an area that DPRK believed was their own.”

    That is your quote, is it not?

    You would have us believe China allows DPRK soldiers to run around and ARREST PEOPLE in an area believed to be Chinese.

    If that is actually what you believe, then so be it….discourse over (no redemption possible for rational thought). On the other hand, however, if you admit that unspecified borders represent an inherently unstable (and untenable) condition, then your next thoughts should be about which side of the border they were actually on when taken into custody.

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