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Support H.R. 1283

Via Pizza Diavola:

Today, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) sent out an email asking her constituents to express support for her three amendments to the defense authorization bill:

Dear [PD],

As Americans, we are so lucky to live in a free country, defended by the brave men and women of our armed forces. We owe them our gratitude, respect, and support for sacrificing so much for us.

That’s why I’ve just introduced new legislation in the Senate that will ease the burden on our military families. My three amendments are being considered, right now, during this week’s debate on the defense authorization bill — and I need your help. …

  • Give families with two parents on active duty the option to stagger their overseas combat deployments — so one parent can stay home as the primary caregiver for their children. In addition, after one parent returns, provide a 90-day re-integration period before the other parent is deployed. This amendment is supported by the National Military Family Association.
  • Reimburse military families who have to travel more than 50 miles from home in order to receive medical care — down from the current 100-mile requirement. This amendment is supported by the Military Coalition.

Provide flexible spending accounts for all uniformed service personnel — so military families receive tax breaks for spending on medical expenses and child care. This amendment is supported by the VFW, National Military Family Association, Military Officers Association of America, and other organizations.These amendments are the right thing to do for our servicemembers and their families. They do so much to protect us — now it’s time for us to stand up for them.

As you all may be aware this is something that I support fully, along with pretty much all of H.R. 1283.  The Servicemembers Legal Defense Fund has a list where you can find the contact information for your Congressperson, and I hope you will do so.  There is also a list of those already co-sponsoring this bill.

Since we already know that my Congressman rocks the Casbah, and since I noticed his name was not already on the list I went ahead and dropped him an email:

To the Honorable Bart Stupak,

I am the spouse of a United States Sailor currently stationed overseas in the Republic of Korea, and a disabled Veteran of the US Navy. I am a newly registered Democrat, but even before then I have voted for you every chance because of your willingness to interact with your constituents and you and your office’s help in personal matters years ago. Today I am writing to beseech you to give whatever support to is yours to give to H.R. 1283, also known as the Military Readiness Enhancement Act.

I can not state strongly enough how vital it is that we give our troops our full confidence that we trust them not only with our Nation’s security, but also to able to do their jobs in the professional manner so many of them demonstrate daily. As a former military linguist I know full well how much it sometimes costs to train even one single Sailor, Soldier, Airmen or Marine in a specialty field and as such I can’t help but feel that discharging someone under DADT is fiscally irresponsible. Many of the service members being discharged under DADT have used their skills to accomplish great victories for the United States, and have shown to be worth every cent of their training, only to have that hard work go unappreciated in the name of who these men and women really are.

Given the opportunity I would have continued to serve my Country, but that opportunity was torn from me by circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Repealing DADT and supporting H.R. 1283 is a step in ensuring that more great and highly don’t have their careers cut short, because this is a circumstance that is within our control.

Thank you for your time.

Very warmly and respectfully,


Veteran, USN

I encourage you to contact whoever you can and help our women and men in Uniform get the trust and support we are supposed to give them, and to support the families of those who have them.


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  1. I know all about stepping back from blogging, but I do hope you’re not gone forever!!

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