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Thanks for two great years!

That being said…I am wrestling with whether or not I want to keep doing this.

I hit a point that I don’t know that I am making a point.  I don’t think I am contributing to anything that anyone is paying attention to.

I also no longer feel that this space is safe for me.  For a number of reasons.

I am not making any decisions right now.  I have some seriously fucked up shit that I have to sort out right now, and perhaps that isn’t the best setting for this.

This blog was supposed to be my outlet…the creative thing I had that was mine where I was free to be me and proud of what I could produce here…and part of that is being taken away…and I can not allow that power to be taken away from me.  I have had too much taken away from me and I have to stand strong where I can.

But, thank you for the happy times, the good discussions and most of all for the dear friends that have been cultivated.

No matter the future of this blog those things remain mine to keep, and I will not surrender that.  Ever.


Comments on: "Happy Blogiversary to Me!" (11)

  1. Rather than quitting, why not just take a break?

    Happy blogoversary!

  2. You should, of course, do what is right for you. Blog when you feel like it and don’t when you don’t. There’s no required minimum. Be well, and happy blogiversary!

  3. Anything you need, you just chat me up.

    And you know what I think your solution to safe place blogging should be. I think you need a change

  4. darn people that get here before me and say what i was gonna say! :)

    do what you have to do. you know we are all here for you regardless if this blog is here or not.

    that’s why we are all friends right?

  5. I’d miss this blog, but I also think safety is the most important thing. If you’ve found another way to express yourself that gives you more comfort, than do it pronto!

  6. Happy blogiversary dear, I’m hear to talk about anything anytime you want.

  7. pizzadiavola said:

    Happy blogiversary, OD! Whatever you choose to do with your blog and online writing, I hope it makes you happy and fulfilled! : )

    P.S. I’m going to Seoul next week – do you want to try to meet up? I’m not sure what my schedule is, exactly, but it would be great to meet you!

    • Oh wow! That might be fun! Let me know if you can fit it in!

      • pizzadiavola said:

        Ok–I’ll email you when I get to Korea. Are you in Seoul or somewhere outside the city? My email is pizzadiavola @ gmail, if you don’t want to post that online.

  8. Happy blogiversary! I’m sorry to hear that you’re thinking of stopping your fantastic work here, but at the same time, I’ll support you in whatever path you choose to take.

  9. First let me say happy blogversary. Sorry I am late to the party as usual.

    Your blog was one of the first one I started reading and the first one I put on my blogroll. I will miss you if you decide to stop but what is most important is that you feel safe to express yourself without harm. I would like to say thank you for everything that you have shared. I have learned, laughed and cried with you and for that I am very grateful.

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