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First of all, thank you to all of the wonderful friends (blog world and meat world alike), and family (both mine and The Kid’s) who have reached out with kind words and sentiments.  Truly I am blessed.

Things went steadily down hill, and I have been confirmed with an ectopic pregnancy, that we wouldn’t have found at this stage if I hadn’t sought attention for my lengthened period.  It is so early that no one would have noticed it otherwise;  I suppose I own my body a huge thank you for that one.  Friday I have an appointment to receive an injection of methotrexin which should clear up all the problems.  Early and swift, thank gods.

After that, Kid and I are on our way to catch the first of I don’t know how many MAC flights to head back to the States, but this has but us about a week later than we had desired, and is significantly changing our travel plans and visiting itineraries.  Also, since we are down to one computer (although, our refund just arrived, so that should change soon) I will be offline for the duration.  I have a big fat journal and am planning on doing some good old fashioned pen and paper work.

The Guy may check in, who knows.  I will also maybe post a little more and schedule some posts before we leave early next week.

What’s going on with all of you, Readerland?  Please, delurk or enjoy a chance to rant or chat about whatever.


Comments on: "Update and Blog Note…" (7)

  1. Oh sugar plum, that sucks. We’ll think happy thoughts for you in the mean time.

    And btw- you’re right. Avatar the last airbender kicks ass.

    • Ya know? I am really OK with all of it. Really. I am just glad that it will finally be over and behind me. The only thing that is still worrisome is that I don’t know what to expect as side effects. I assume that I am going to feel sick for a while, but it can’t honestly be any worse than what I am dealing with right now. *shrugs*

      And…when are you going to realize that I am usually right when it comes to these things? LOL

  2. Okay okay. So you were right about Firefly (though I think it’s kinda funny that the protagonists are the kind of western libertarians that I find douchey in real life) and you’re right about Avatar.

    I think I got a shot of methotrexin before. I don’t remember it being horrible (although i also got an iv full of valium and demerol at the same time, soooooooooooooo I may have exactly no memories of it).

    If you’re in the states and your celly works here- you should resume sending me goofy text messages when stuck in traffic. I miss those.

    • I read that one of its primary uses is for treating cancer, lol, which doesn’t exactly reassure me as to any “gentleness”. Which is fine. If nothing else they maybe I can get them to give me something for nausea, which I certainly can’t ask for under normal pregnancy conditions. I gotta say, morning sickness and hurty breasts without anything to show for it is kinda shitty. The war is on, and I plan to win.

      I am not going to use my regular cell, but I am hoping to get a temp. We will have to see. I might be able to resume texts.

  3. nuasea and hurty boobs sounds like my regular pms. I say DRINK MORE!!!!!! That is how the war is won!

    The only thing that bugged me about the shot was that it went straight into my belly. That was weird. How women get amnios done is a mystery to me.

    If you were here and had a cell- I could have texted you about the most beautiful Indian boy who asked me for directions today. It took all my will power not to hump his leg on the bus. Sooooooooo pretty, but very bad for me.

  4. I’m glad you’re going to be alright. My thoughts are with you!

    Also fly safe!

  5. speaking of injections in uncomfortable places, I had my 2nd adventure with epidural steriods (2 herniated lumbar discs) a couple days ago….

    At least I didn’t pass out this time, & Dad was there to hold my hand (the 2 may be related…)

    so far it helps a bit.

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