exactly that

Could you please, for fuck’s sake, stop using the phrase “abortion provider George Tiller”?  

Seriously, he was a DOCTOR. 

See the difference?

One is a title he earned through work and education, and the other is a service, one of many, that he provided under that title.

It is not the sum of his work, his heroics, or who he was.  Referring to DR. Tiller as “abortion provider” or, I can’t believe I have to type this, “abortionist” just fuels the flames of the Anti-Choice jerks who want to paint him as some evil entity who deserved this horrible end.

He was a DOCTOR, who happened to be one of three people in the country to provide the type of abortions that others were too scared or bullied out of providing.  A DOCTOR.  A damned fine one at that who actually gave a rat’s ass about the people he was helping, who put their lives above his daily for years.

Let’s remember that, kay?

And thank you, again, DR. Tiller.





Comments on: "Dear Feminist Bloggers" (7)

  1. Very well said!

  2. I could not agree with you more on this point

  3. mzbitca said:

    I agree as well. I went and looked back through my post just to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake. It has been bugging me just how all the articles about him seem to leave out that he was also a family doctor beforehand and exactly what he did for the women who came to his clinic.

  4. It really has been a peeve of mine, in all the blogging covering his death and topics related to it. Even freaking Erica Barnett at Shakesville didn’t even bother to call him DOCTOR, but “abortion provider” (although w/ her there is no love lost to me for her often tasteless posts). I think it really matters as we try to stand as a Pro-Choice front and emphasize the care for human life that we have on the Choice side how we choose to portray Dr. Tiller.

    Reading the accounts of those who remember him the women and their families remember him fondly, as a doctor who cared enough to help them.

  5. annaham said:

    Hear hear!

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