exactly that

If, indeed, as the rumors say, Queen has talked to Adam Lambert about performing w/ them, I, for one, will be over the moon.

I have never actually watched American Idol.  I don’t really like reality TV (sometimes life is enough reality, TYVM).  But this season some people (Renee being the first) sent me clips of Lambert performing.  He blew me away, and one of the first things I thought was “OMG!  He reminds me of Freddie Mercury!”.  He is destined for legend and is a performer, through and through.

I hope the rumors are indeed true, but I also hope that Lambert fleshes out his own way, does his own thing.  I hope he shows everyone everywhere that he is made of Rocketsauce.  I want to see him perform w/ Queen, for reals and not just on Idol, but I don’t want to see him tied to it exclusively.

Pay attention, b/c he is indeed gonna burn up through the sky.

Just my humble two cents.


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  2. Well, at least he has better teeth than Freddie did…

    For me, the jury’s out until I hear him as part of the ensemble. I remember when FGTH hired what’s-his-name to replace Holly Johnson – c’etait si triste.

    • Just based on the clips from the Idol performances alone, he has the pipes, and he has the stage presence. I am a huge Queen fan, and am of the camp that No One replaces Freddie, but Lambert would be rockin’ as a front guy here and there.

      But like I said, occasionally. I would love to see this guy go far and do great things in his own right, b/c he has the talent. But since he embodies so much of the essence of Mercury already, he would be an outstanding match.

  3. So I converted you with my Adam Lambert passion did I? HEHEHE
    I am really hoping he is going to tour with Queen as well. Not only does Adam have an amazing voice, his stage presence is awesome. He is just a wonderful performer to watch. I do believe he is the most talented contestant to ever grace the idol stage and he is going to be hard to beat next year. Even though he got robbed of the title between the two I highly suspect that he will be the more successful one.

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