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From Sociological Images:

Photo: Two girls about age 9-11. One on the left caucasian, brunette wearing a business like pants suit and a scowl on her face, the one on the right caucasian, blonde and wearing a soft white dress w/ her back turned to the audience holding pink flowers w/ a smile.


Tropicana advert stating that the new bottle is easier to handle, since it has a handle.

Tropicana advert stating that the new bottle is easier to handle, since it has a handle.

There is so much going on in this advert.



Comments on: "Lil’ Miss Hard to Handle" (9)

  1. Tropicana is apparently targeting the pedophile demographic?

    • Easy to handle, like child marriage? Does that not look like a wedding dress?

      • You’re right, it does.

        But what struck me are her hands, they look like she’s “easy to handle” like easy to tie up.

        It’s really creepy.

        • Totally!

          There is this whole sexualization undertone going on here, w/ what I think can’t be more than 9 y/o girls, but now that I look at it, don’t look much older than my 7 y/o.

  2. yinyang said:

    The thing that pisses me off at first glance is they seem to be playing off the “bitchy woman” stereotype a little with the girl on the left. Women (and girls) who wear pant suits (which are business-like) and cross their arms are “hard to handle” – because presumably they won’t take your shit – and therefore bitches.

    The second image – blond, “ladylike” (i.e. submissive), and that position looks uncomfortable. I can definitely see the creepy elements, too.

    Really, Tropicana, wtf?

  3. Whoa YIKES, I was more pissed because I was the ad made it look like sassy girls in pants are bad but pretty, flower-holding demure girls in dresses are nice. Sort of the — “Girls should be seen not heard” thing….

    But now that I read this pedophile stuff… yeah… *shudder*

  4. This is terrible!

  5. Ditto on the pedophile thing.

    And I think there’s a bit of wishful thinking going on over at the ad agency for Tropicana. There’ve been quite a few girls/women I’ve known in my (admittedly limited) experience who, though just as pretty and apparently “appealing” as the girl on the right, who were downright manipulative and knew EXACTLY how to use their looks and charm; and more than a few like the girl on the left who, despite being decidedly independent, were actually easier to relate to simply because they were more forthright and direct.

    Going a bit further out, I’m wondering whether there’s some subtle anti-Catholic baggage here as well – we are talking about ORANGE juice after all.

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