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The funniest thing I have read today is that when Same Sex Marriage is passed then people will be able to sue pastors and churches for refusing to marry them, cuz, ya know, they don’t refuse to marry people now, for co-habitation, a non-virginal bride wanting to wear white, or myriad other reasons.  *wipes eyes, continues*

And when that happens the ACLU will jump to represent it b/c they secretly want to take control of the church, and smash the foundations of separation of church and state.  Cuz, ya know, it was set up to protect the church from the state, and not clearly written to be the other way around.

*composes self, continues*

image4The only thing that SSM is going to change is that it will allow all people who care for each other and want to commit to one another to do so, while seeking the right and protections it affords Hetero couples under the law.  No one is going to sue churches, and if they did they would be stupid, b/c churches are tax exempt institutions, and not bound to accept people they don’t want to.  They can right on being hateful and bigoted just like now…that won’t change either.

This is not about controlling anyone.  It isn’t about forcing people to change.  No one is going to force SSM on the Church if they aren’t willing to accept it, although more and more are.  

SSM equality is going to happen.  DADT is going to be repealed.  Hate crime laws are going to include gender identity, and gender expression will not be a reason to fire someone.  We all need to recognize that, in the name of treating people as equals and humanity that these things are necessary.  The continual push to deny this only shows people for the hateful bigots that they are.

And that isn’t going to get them invited to any weddings.


Comments on: "Someone hand me a tissue!" (3)

  1. mzbitca said:

    This is an awesome post!

    Also, on a personal note, I miss you know that we are on completely different schedules

  2. i think i’ve said it somewhere (maybe here) before WTF is wrong with letting two adults be in love?
    If I can grasp that concept it aint that tough

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