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Via Sociological Images:

Good Magazine has a chart on who is coming to America, looking at the 20 top countries from which the most people went to the US in 2008.  It is interesting.

Something that John noted, and something that bothers me is that the stats for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea are combined.  I find it either lazy data processing or ignorant to combine the data of two severely different countries.  I understand that it is likely difficult to get info of this sort on DPRK, and my gut reaction is to assume all of the refuges are from there, being that it is such a small number in relation to the overall data from the two countries, and knowing that it must be nigh impossible to leave DPRK.  Conversely to that, as I understand it, RoK and the US have a friendly relationship, and I have personally met many S. Koreans who either have family in the States that they visit or have lived w/ for a while, or who have gone to school or sought jobs there.  I would be interested in seeing the stats broken down more appropriately for a better understanding of who is migrating and why.

Also, some of the comments on the Good Magazine link are pretty atrocious, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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