exactly that

Or something.


I am having a bit of a “bad time”, pain wise.  To say I am low on energy lately is about the understatement of my year.  I have made sleeping an endurance event, and am still exhausted.  I am hoping to see a doctor soon…but I still am skittish w/ my military doctors right now.

In an effort to keep up w/ the things I want to, like being a fun mommy and wife of the year*, I need to step back for a few days from serious blogging, just until the headaches subside and I have a little more energy than I need to walk to and from the bus stop and pop a casserole in the oven.  You would not believe how tired a four block walk one way can make you.

I am pretty sure I have exhausted my queue of pre-made posts…so blogging will be light for a while.

Thanks for the understanding.

In the mean time, feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, delurk, blogwhore, worship the Feminist Kitteh Collective.  Have fun.  I will pop in and out to check comments.


*The Guy takes such good care of me when I am not well.  When he isn’t at work he helps me prepare meals, walk the Kid to and from the bus stop if I can’t make it, and last night he even heated water on the stove to help me take a long bath for my joints and muscles (out hot water is lacking).  When I say I am “wife of the year” it in no way implies that I am somehow unevenly yoked w/ burden.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Some days it feels like he pulls more weight, since we co-parent and make all decisions together.  His 14 hour shifts wouldn’t be manageable for me if he didn’t assist me in the off time to prepare for it.  This leaves me energy to enjoy a few things, like reading to and playing card games w/ The Kid when he is at work.  It also saves me energy to be able to be awake and enjoy his company when he is home.


Comments on: "My spoons runneth low…" (5)

  1. hope you get a better spell soon
    sending back all those positive mind bullets you’ve sent my way

  2. Yeah, here’s hoping you feel better! I am not doing so well myself, and have basically just faced the unpleasant fact that this is what ‘OVER 50’ feels like. (noooooooooo)

  3. I hope you get some time for r&r. :)

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