exactly that

my buddy, Jason, and VBFitU held my hands and wheeled my IV stand as they walked the enormity of me up and down the hospital corridors.  When the nurses yelled at me to get back in bed they yelled back and kept me walking b/c it was more comfortable.  When I was thirsty they snuck me water, and when I was freaking out they reassured me.

Together w/ my mom they stayed w/ me through the night and long into the next day, keeping me calm, keeping me company, and keeping the doctors and nurses and medical students in line.  It was scary, but it was the ending of uncertainty and a beginning I never knew I wanted.  When it was over I had in my arms the greatest thing ever.

Thank you, so much, the three of you.  Thank you for making those moments special and perfect and for caring enough about me and The Kid to Be to drop everything to be at our side.  Never, if I lived a million years, would I ever be able to explain how much that meant to me.

Thank you.

And to The Kid, thank you for the best seven years of my life so far…


Comments on: "Seven years ago today…" (3)

  1. Happy Birthday, The Kid!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kid!

  3. Awwwww!!!

    HAPPY BDAY to da KID! ;)

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