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Had some personal family stuff this week.  You get Thursday Blogwhoring on Saturday.

via Laredhel on Twitter:

From Chewing the Fat, Airport security decides that disabled people aren’t really people, and therefore are incapable of attending their own luggage.

He looked at me, annoyed and said, “Luggage can’t be left unattended.”

“I AM attending it,” I said incredulous.

“You don’t understand, SOME BODY needs to be in possession of the luggage,” he said and I didn’t get his implication, not yet, I was still too startled.

“I am in possession of this luggage, it is MINE,” my voice is rising.

He looks at me with exaggerated patience, “SOME BODY (long pause) needs to be attending the luggage.”

I got it then, I wasn’t SOME BODY, “Are you suggesting that I can’t supervise my own luggage because I’m in a wheelchair?”

“You need to settle down, sir.”

No, actually, I don’t believe this man needs to settle down.  More of us need to get fucking vocal about the way differently abled and disabled people are treated in public spaces.  This doesn’t even touch on the way I feel that public spaces ignore those disabilities that people can’t see.


But I think Annaham hits on it here:

Today, I sat in a restaurant and ate a light lunch very, very slowly because my right hand was unable to hold the fork without considerable muscle pain in my tendons and wrist. This sort of thing happens rarely, but when it does, I get nervous. I become nervous because I think that my fellow diners, or students, or whomever, can pick up on my not-immediately-obvious physical difference(s) from something that is only slightly “off.” Even using a term like “off” is problematic; it implies that there is something wrong, that the person who needs to take time to do some of the things that others may take for granted needs to be fixed, somehow; that, or she needs to “fix” herself (by minimizing/masking her pain or ability or dis-ability) so that she may fit in and continue to pass. 


Renee writes about the emotional pain of coming to terms w/ a disability:

To all of you who want to know why I don’t write about disability, it is because it is personal.   When I finally had to admit out loud 1 month ago that I no longer hope for a remission and had to own the status of a differently abled person, it put me into a depression.  For the sake of my family and their need to believe that everything is okay even when it isn’t, I forged onwards with an every ready smile despite the hurt and the pain. 


Lena Chen at The Ch!cktionary on Sexuality and Feminism:

Some people — plenty of them women — believe I shouldn’t be as overtly sexual because I may inadvertently “feed the machine” in the process. Well, you know what? Trying to be less sexually expressive in hopes of putting an end to sexual objectification is a lot like promoting censorship in hopes of putting an end to violent pornography. Unless you live in Canada, it ain’t gonna fly, and things didn’t exactly go so peachythere either. Should I be concerned that some chick-hating sex maniac out there might be beating off to my image while thinking, “Oooh, what a hot little Asian slut!”? Maybe. But I could also avoid making the extremely sexist assumption that my male readers are all unenlightened cavemen eager to objectify me.


From Prettier Than Napoleon, reaffirming my belief that Jezebel is NOT a feminist site, and is in fact hurtful to women, and should be boycotted by feminst and womanist sites:

Megan, a blogger at Jezebel.com (which compensates its authors based on the hit counts their posts receive) links to your story and uses it as a jumping-off point for a rant about rape in relationships. It gets huge amounts of attention and hundreds of people seize on portions of your account and attack your boyfriend. Members of the advice forum are upset that what many consider a personal account of a sexual assault has been given much greater publicity than the poster originally intended. They write to the blogger to ask that the post be taken down, out of sensitivity to someone the blogger characterizes as a rape victim. (The blogger herself has been raped: maybe she’ll understand?) But she refuses, saying “oversharing can have consequences you don’t expect.”*

I have written b/f about my disdain for Jezebel and the way they pass judgment, and even outright mock things they don’t understand, hurting those w/ disabilities, and now, rape victims in a public forum.  These are horrible people who care about no one but their blog hits.  W/ all the shaming that takes place at their hands it makes me cringe every time I see a feminist site link to them.


Cara at the Curvature writes:  Actual Rape Victim Jailed for “False Reporting”:

While she was in jail, her rapist went out and raped more women, and was eventually caught.  Luckily for this first woman, her trial had not yet come up, and the charges were dropped.  Unfortunately for the other women, you know, they were raped.  And their rapes could have possibly been prevented if the first woman had just been believed and not locked up in jail.

Liss at Shakesville lets loose, and blows me away w/ this:

Um, yeah. That’s kind of the whole point, because the “dramatic and potentially irreversible shift of our nation” to the right is what got us into the ginormous clusterfucktastrophe from which we’ve now got to attempt to extricate ourselves before we go right off the fucking cliff.

That’s exactly the kind of bullshit about which I’m talking: Fuck Mitch McConnell and fuck his despicable, unethical, ignorant, self-interested, voraciously avaricious party and the elephant they rode in on. Wetried their ideas and they didn’t work, and even in the face of insurmountable, undeniable evidence that their crackpot, trickle-down, voodoo, social Darwinist, Gilded Age Reloaded policies are abject, catastrophic failures, they still won’t get the fuck on board with trying it someone else’s way.

Not only is wanting to do the same thing over and over but expecting a different result the very definition of insanity, it’s also fucking stupid, and, when the country’s future is on the line, it’s borderline traitorous at that.

When she’s right, she’s right.


Finally, Red Queen asks what is the difference b/t Carl’s Jr and that clusterfucktastrophe of a supposed animal rights organization?

As she says, not a fucking thing if they insist on treating women like pieces of meat.


More links found at The Jaded Hippy, Ojibway Migisi Bineshii, and Womanist Musings.

Feel free to leave your links in comments.

*I disable links from my page in this clip.  I don’t want any traffic from my site linked to Jezebel.  Feel free to follow links from PTN’s site.


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