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For those of you who blog using your real name, or who used to use a screen name/identity and then switched, what made you change your mind?

What made you give up the security of anonymity?


This has been on my mind a lot lately, as I ponder many things in my life right now.  I would love to hear from all of you.


Comments on: "QotD: Pseudonyms VS Real Names" (7)

  1. Probably because all you gals and guys knew me by now so hey while PIDO is cool at the heart of it I’m just Steve

  2. mzbitca said:

    i know I’m late coming to this but I thought I’d weigh in. At first I didn’t have my name anywhere but when I decided to start my blog I put my real first in my About Me section. I think part of it was just not wanting my real name out there, partially in case someone found me but mostly due to not feeling like it was necessary for my platform. If I feel that my little blog becomes more integrated into the feminist blogosphere I may have an official unveiling of my name.

  3. I use my real first name and not my lat name. I choose to reveal my first name because I wanted reader to remember that there is a real person, with real feelings and emotions behind the words I send into cyberspace. I wanted to offer some kind of connection and establish a friendly atmoshphere of trust from the beginning. I never reveal my kids names and refer to them as Destruction and Mayhem (names more apt than you know) or the unhusband. I do this purposefully as I want to keep a certain distance between my private family and the work I do as a blogger, even if I occasionally blog about their nutty antics.

  4. Therese said:

    Hi, I’ve come to your blog via Womanist Musings. I usually just use my real name, I think it’s common enough for no one to recognise me. I only use my pseudonym when I need to login to something and someone else has already taken my real name!

  5. I watched that whole thing go down with Jill at Feministe and I know it came from her school and not directly from her blog but that freaked me out a bit and decided I didn’t need random folks knowing my name. But that’s been my thing since I started out on the internet as a kid, “protect your name”. *shrug* I don’t know if I’ll change it. It seems like those who are public under their real name get a lot more shit than those of us who use a “writer’s name”. Plus, I like my name. lol

  6. I wasn’t around the sphere when that stuff went down w/ Jill, or when the Huge Controversy went down w/ Melissa at Shakes either.

    At first I used a pseudonym for some inkling of anonymity from people that I didn’t want reading this blog. But people had way more determination than I originally thought.

    Anyone I wanted to stay anonymous from already knows about and reads this blog. I found I don’t care anymore.

    I don’t use The Guy’s name here, out of respect for his job. I don’t want to reveal his identity. I don’t use The Kid’s b/c she is too young to consent to having her identity fully revealed (even though I frequently use pictures).

    I have reached a point where I want my writing connected to my name, since I have been aggressively trying to sell some work. My name isn’t that common for a woman, though. It was something I thought about a lot.

  7. Therese said:

    For me, using my real name at this point in life is an not an issue but I do realise that for others, who might have family, friends, partners and children to protect, it is an issue. Using a pseudonym for some may extend past the desire for one’s own protection of anonymity, it could also be for respect for the anonymity of others whose identities might be compromised if real names were to be used.

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