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Do you cry when books/movies/TV shows, etc are sad?

I do.

I just blubbed all over myself, full force snot running, watching last week’s Grey’s.  I am one of those people who gets wrapped up and invested in characters that she adores, like Izzy Stevens.  These last few episodes had me emotionally drained by the end (it’s probably a good thing I am having a hard time finding ways to watch it from Asia).

I am notorious for drop kicking books that have made me cry (I am talking to you, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!), after holing myself up to read the sad chapters.  The second saddest and drop kicked book is My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Piccoult (as an aside, this QotD is b/c they are making that book into a movie, but I have read that they have changed the ending, which although sad as fuck, was perfect).  It took me two days to read the ending of Life Interrupted, b/c it was the abrupt end of Spalding’s life, written absent from that realization, b/c he didn’t know.  I almost put that book in the freezer.

I realize that not everyone does the thing where they get into the escapist fiction they are enjoying, whatever the medium, so much that they allow it to manipulate and ambush their emotions.  For me, it’s cathartic.  Sometimes I am feeling down, and need a good cry, b/c it helps me to feel better, so I don’t mind when books or movies or TV shows are sad (TV shows get me the most, b/c I spend years investing emotionally in characters, like Izzy Stevens), b/c it feels good to unleash that unadulterated emotion unapologetically.

For the record, I also get excited and giddy when things go well, like when Phédre and Joscelin first fell in love, or when Imriel and Sidonie were finally allowed to be together.  I cheered out loud when Mirage and Miryo reunited, b/c it meant no one had to die.  I clapped when Derek proposed to Mer, w/ all those scans in the elevator. The ending of Lilo & Stitch leaves me all warm and mushy, and I get thrilled when we find out just how powerful a witch Ginny really is.  I am a bit of a sap when it comes to my entertainment, and it is b/c I want that sweeping of emotions.  Being dragged from one extreme to the other in forty-five minutes sort of resets me emotionally, and helps me deal w/ real life emotions in a more appropriate manner.  I deal w/ real life every day, and I like my fiction to be escapist, and want to lose my mind inside it.

So, spill.  How emotional are you when it comes to your favorite media?  Don’t lie.  Liars are jerks.


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  1. Oh yah, I totally get wrapped up, lol. But I have too much respect for books to drop kick or throw them when they upset me. I may have tossed one onto the bed in frustration once!

  2. Oh goodness, yes. My emotional investment is part of why I’ve stopped watching movies and TV since the whole “feminist” thing. I get way too pissed off when “my” characters are mistreated.

    I watched Seasons 1-4 of Buffy early this semester. I sobbed pretty frequently throughout, especially the season finales! ^_^

  3. mzbitca said:

    Yeah well considering I cried today at the ending of Free Willy I am definitely a crier. The best is Buffy and Harry Potter for me because I am so invested and attached to the characters. I know when and why I’m going to cry but it’s something I have to do to experience the awesomeness of the show/book

  4. I’ve never been one to cry (for reasons that I don’t feel like getting into but I assure you its not machisimo) but there are plenty times where I’ve almost felt like. Like you I get invested in characters and when something happens to them I feel it. I would also add that the music played during said sad moment can be just as emotional as the event itself.

    Edward Scissorhands – How can the life of an innocent person forced into seclusion for reasons beyond his control not be sad?

    The Princess Bride – Its just something about the song, “I Will Never Love Again” that tugs on the heart.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – When Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat’s character) died. Spend your whole life fighting side by side with the woman you love but never speaking up about it.

    Angel – Fred’s death at the hands of Illyria. Just watching her in terror as she was killed from the inside out by that demon.

    But speaking of Angel and sadness you heard about Andy Hallett right?

    • No! Oh wow, I had no idea he had passed away! Lorne was one of my favorite characters! That does make me sad.

      I am not sure I have cried harder than when Fred died. It was close w/ when Cordelia passed away, but the episode was far more painful to watch. When Spike says “There’s a hole in the world”, that little exchange b/t them at the end kind of brings it all home.

      I don’t cry during CTHD, probably b/c when studying Chinese we learned that it is traditional in Chinese Cinema of that style for all of the characters to die tragically (it became a bit of a joke w/ us and our teachers, but Gong Fu movies have a tradition to them, explaining why everyone can fly and why they all have to die). I not only expect it, I start looking for how it’s going to happen about halfway through. As sad as it is, I don’t get the pull, probably b/c I expect it. Another good Chinese movie is A World Without Thieves, and the ending of that is pretty sad too. Wow, I could go on all day about really sad Chinese movies.

      My mind is kind of blown about Andy Hallet right now. Wow.

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