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Technical difficulties

So…I couldn’t get into the BlogTalkRadio show. For over half the show Skype wouldn’t dial the number, telling me it didn’t exist(and I almost slept through it b/c I mixed up the times doing my math). When it finally dialed through the BTR automated voice told me there was no show, even though I could clearly see it going on. I think I mixed up the Country Code trying to call Renee directly, so sorry to the man who answered, twice, who was (kind of) patient w/ me.

So, my deepest apologies to Renee and Monica. I am incredibly embarrassed and amazingly disappointed, since I have been looking forward to this experience all week.

For those of you who were listening, I hope you enjoyed the show. The way motherhood is devalued is an important conversation to have, and I thank Renee for thinking of me for this show.


Comments on: "Technical difficulties" (7)

  1. Oh dear! I was wondering where you were. :(

    I didn’t see the chatroom up this week either! :(

    • I was so bummed.

      Not least of all b/c I got up so early to do it.

      They’ve offered to try it again sometime. I really really like the idea of a radio show like that. So much more personal, and it is nice to put voices to blogs that I like to read.

  2. Perhaps y’all should do an unscheduled practice run?

    I used to run a radio show, not on BTN though, and there was always SOME technical difficulty that needed to be addressed at the beginning especially, so I’d get on a half hour early and work with some listeners to make sure like “is the volume even and loud enough? is my mic too crackly?” etc.

    • I wonder if that is doable.

      Some of it, we think, is due to my being in a different day that they were. Support is looking in to it.

      I don’t know if I would ever have the nerves to do a radio show myself.

      • Oh lord, like their server was looking at your connection and going “nope! That’s not on at this time!”? That’d be messed up. :P

        I don’t think I’d have the nerve to do what Renee is doing, that’s for sure. My radio show was very small and for a community website, and it mostly involved me playing music. So it was easy, usually.

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